"Dr. Sanderson and her staff took amazing care of our Blue Belle when she was in need of surgery. Dr. Sanderson treated Belle like she was her own."

Jessica B.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Sanderson and the privilege of having her treat my pets. She is dedicated, professional and the best in her field. If you need a veterinarian who actually listens and cares for your pets, Dr. Sanderson is the right person for you. I wish her all the success at Cypress Creek and encourage everyone to seek her out for all of your pets needs."

Robin W.


"I have worked with Dr . Sanderson for years. She has also been my personal vet for my pets. She practices good medicine and has a kind heart. Sorry she's so far away. Best wishes Jenny, and to your future clients in Smithfield...you guys are lucky to have her to care for your fur babies."

Ann K.


"I have worked with Dr. Sanderson for years, and not only do I like and admire her as a colleague, I have trusted her with my own animals and would do so again. You are very lucky to have such a fantastic DVM in your area!"

Leslie J.


"Dr Sanderson is a phenomenal veterinarian. Her compassion for animals surpasses anything I've ever seen. She is thorough, dedicated and current on all her veterinary techniques and recommendations. I trust her with my animals as well as the animals of my family and friends. You are lucky to have a veterinarian of her caliber in your area!!!"

Amanda W.


"I am fortunate enough to have worked alongside Dr. Sanderson for many years. She is one of the most compassionate and skilled veterinarians I have ever known. Smithfield is lucky to have her!"

Cresta J.


"Dr. Sanderson is a wonderful vet! She's taken care of my animals in the past and in the here and now. I have worked with her in the past, she is a very compassionate veterinarian."

Megan H.


"Dr. Sanderson is the most compassionate and wonderful veterinarian I have ever known. I can't recommend her highly enough. Her care and love for animals is a process attribute for a veterinary clinic."

Joleen N.


"Absolutely the best Veterinarian I know. Takes care of your pets from their teeth to broken bones, she can handle it."

Danny S.


"Dr. Sanderson is one of the best Veterinarians around! Very caring and patient! Could not ask for a better vet for my furkids!"

Krystal M.


"Dr. Sanderson is the best! She's super caring and really passionate about her job! I trust her with all my furbabies."

Angie C.


"If you are looking for a great Doctor and/or Surgeon, Dr. Sanderson is the one you want."

Esther A.


We love our animals patients!

We know how much you care for your pets. We strive to give them the same care and comfort as we would our own pets.